Hi I'm

Dr. Kelly Martin

I whole-heartedly believe the We all have a digital course within us, but that most of us need an invitation and some direction to fully unleash our course prowess.

Mission: To empower coaches, consultants, and subject-matter experts to develop high-value online programs with confidence, clarity, and conviction.

Vision: High-value online courses that inspire life-changing results through their exceptional design and eloquent delivery will be the norm, no the exception.

Your course creation partner, straight from the heart of Dallas, Texas. My story, purpose, and mission are centered around supporting you – coaches, consultants, and experts – in building impactful and meaningful high-value online courses.

Many years ago, I embarked on a journey of self-education, which led me to the world of online courses. While I uncovered invaluable knowledge, I also discovered a glaring issue. Many courses need more depth, engagement, and efficacy to incite real change and growth in learners. As a seasoned professor, I witnessed the disheartening reality of passionate students facing the letdown of poorly designed and delivered courses. They signed up for transformative education, but what they received was far from it—barely more than haphazard, ineffective attempts masquerading as learning experiences and teaching.

Fueled by enduring frustration, I took a stand to tackle this issue head-on: I began coaching my colleagues to help them develop inspirational and high-impact online courses and soon discovered that I enjoyed this type of service even more than I did actually teaching. I could still shape the future of people’s lives but do so in a much more creative and fulfilling way.

So, in 2004, a course design geek was born! Eventually, I retired from academia and began attending webinars, workshops, summits, buying courses, and immersing myself in the art and science of entrepreneurship.

Fast forward, and here we are! As a guide, a mentor, and a strategist for coaches, consultants, and experts like yourself, I’m here to help you navigate the course creation process, from ideation to execution. But it’s not just about ticking off tasks on a checklist; it’s about infusing your purpose and expertise into every inch of your course. It’s about ensuring that your course is not just another product on a digital shelf but an experience that brings about action and results.

My approach? Well, it involves working closely with you, understanding your unique strengths, and tailoring a course creation strategy that fits your needs and those of learners. I firmly believe in personalized learning and course design with a twist. That is, I base my own courses and ones that I help small business owners craft on modern and foundational principles and methods of learning science, educational technology, and instructional design (told ya’ I’m a nerd). I also firmly believe that all courses should be learner-centric and not merely profit-based; they should be powerful and profitable.

Thank you for giving me the privilege to assist you on this journey. Together, let’s redefine the world of online courses.

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